10 Signs that Feminism May Not Be For You

we all should be feminists



well, until i opened my eyes and saw my seat and the lecturer in front of me yapping, i thought of not and never closing them again. Here i was in a university, a place i considered to be for the bright people if not the brightest. judging by my history, i was never supposed to be in such a place i thought of my self in the down side up way, well it turned out i was wrong and that i only needed to open my eyes and be among the brightest children.

I applied for the university entrance and they did take a while before giving me back the response, never mind the extent at which i was fed up with anxiety. just like how it is happening in our country’s presidential elections, they give us half of the results and make us fill the gap about the rest of the information, which is not cool at all. To some point i thought i had not even qualified to even be at the cut off point of acceptance.

Then i couldn’t take it any longer, i went to the university to confirm my status, of course too much was going on in my head. I got to the institution and they made me wait for them just because they thought of extending their lunch break. Patience has always been my thing and obviously the end justifies the need. Being so, they finally arrived and found me waiting for them, they asked me to give them more time which i did.

finally i went to the uni, i day school and as i walk there everyday, i appreciate everything in it, including nature. I got there and am doing what i wanted. It takes a lot more effort but its worth the fight.

Truth is I had something special that i didn’t know, i thought i was this freak who didn’t know any thing but there was too much going on, that i never got the chance to reveal it earlier, i would have gone a lot more further but, a start isn’t that bad because its never too late, until its late, and now i am confident enough that i can do something and so can any one else. It is such moments of discovery that makes one a winner that they never thought they were.

i am living a dream that change gave me the chance to become someone to the society and i am happy :):)


how good can i be

Photocopiers are machines that are used especially in offices to produce other papers that are identical, from the word photo where off course light is involved and copier proving another twin or resemblance. One thing about the machine is that they are expensive, and people ought to look for other options as means of trying to manage the economy. people buy them and keep however, others choose to rent them, because off the different reasons they may have such as, some of them will only need it for some while and see no need of keeping them.
Renting of photocopiers seems to be a simple view at a glance but truth is, it is not as simple as it looks. While renting, there are considerations that should be looked at.Judging that not everyone can rent a photocopier machine.
The knowledge of machines such as printers,fax,scanner,is highly required by anyone deciding to rent such machines. this makes it easier to know the condition at which a photocopier machine is. Anyone without consent on such issues is not qualified to be a renter.
While renting a photocopier machine, the renter should sign a contract to the one renting it to clarify issues, such as The conditions on how it is given out and how it should be when returned. A wise renter will charge his/her services according to the efficiency of the machine, that is the quality, the speed at which it works, the kind of noise it makes and the type of machine company.Mostly used photocopier machines are the black and white photocopiers, because it sounds official, colored ones are used too though not as much. if a person has no clue about this then they are not fit to be in the position of either renting or making a sale.
A good person who can rent will use alternatives the printer and scanner as photocopier and show his intellectuals on how they could be combined and used as a photocopier machine of course giving its advantage, then lending it to the one renting it. That is, a scanner will scan objects while the printer will print the object and the motive off all that is that at the end of the day there is a copy. Thus functionalism effect of machines, and also avoiding using to much space.
A good person who can rent a photocopier will issue a warranty based on the period on which he/she lends out the machine.this is too cater for the needs of his/her client. if the person renting it has no ideas on the warranty factor then they are not fit to be in renting position, he/she will also take care of repairing the machine once it is broken down.
A good seller or renter will give clear instructions, terms and condition of using such copier machines with an aim of good maintenance of his/her device. He/she will include all that as part of their contract which has to be signed under the supervision of a lawyer or a witness so as to ensure safety of The machine.
If someone can do all that then they can rent their machines and if not then they are not fit to rent or rather doing business with them could be disappointing. Therefore not everyone can rent photocopier machines.

and some so there was a problem in this article (wondering with my mind far far away)

How It All Started

I never considered the thought of business ever in my life. i oppossed it with vigour back in high scholl and when i joined university. I picked business as part of my course. Now am glad to say that business studies is the best thing that happened to me in this moments of my life and everytime i go to read anything about it i do it with alot of finese.I have now come up with many thoughts about business and how it can be applied in almost all parts of human beings life.